Outdoor Wicker Furniture (Teak Table, Stainless Steel Frame)

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Outdoor Wicker Furniture (Teak Table, Stainless Steel Frame)

Stainless Steel and Teak Garden Set
WF-3067 S/S Weaving Chair, W59 X D59 X SH43 XH83 CM
WF-1256 S/S and Teak Table, D100 x H74 CM

The stainless steel and teak garden set of our outdoor wicker furniture obtains great appreciation on the basis of its source material, processing craft, package, specification and application. The source material, teak, of our teak table is 100% imported from Burma. As known to all, the Burmese teak tree is honored as gold tree. The lumber from Burmese teak tree has hard material quality, beautiful wood grain, heat and coldness resistance, wear resistance, best bending resistance in all kinds of lumbers and excellent corrosion resistance which make Burmese teak out of white ants and other marine borers around different sea areas. That is why the Burmese teak is generally accepted as the best source material of outdoor furniture. Moreover, the greatest trait of Burmese teak is non-radiation. Due to all these natural traits of Burmese teak, our teak table gets the base of outstanding quality. For our wicker chair, we adopt 7X 1.3mm slice cane as basic material. The quality slice cane we use has many colors for option and customer is supposed to make decision in wicker option.

Taking use of the impressive source material and terrific processing craft, The base and center pillar of our stainless and teak garden set are made of #304 stainless steel, which is international criterion compliant. The shoring pillar owns diameter of 63 X 1.2 mm and its surface is processed with special treatments including moist, acid and alkali proof and anti rusting. The table face we do meticulous grinding and polishing upon can be terrifically smooth. According to customer, we can cover the whole finished table with quality teak oil or not to help strengthen its anti oxidation. The teak processed by us has thick resin, smooth hand feeling and gold appearance. For our wicker chair, we pick thick aluminum frame with diameter of 28 X 1.2 mm as structure, do dusting treatment on the its surface and allocate each of its feet into a steel cover. We take use of synthetic chemical fiber canes, weave them 100% by hand and attach a 4cm thick cushion in it to make the whole chair elegant, luxury, fashional and comfortable to sit.

The service occasion of our stainless steel and teak garden set involves private garden, balcony, hotel lobby, bar and café, etc.

Reference for loading quantity and packaging
Stainless steel and teak Table
Volume 0.212M3/PC
Weight 15KGS/PC
Loading quantity 273PCS/40'GP

Stainless steel weaving Chair
Volume 0.544M3/BOX
Weight 8KGS/PC
Loading quantity 212PCS/40'HQ

Our stainless steel and teak garden set contains one stainless steel and teak table and six stainless steel weaving chairs. Its loading quantity is 44SETS/40'GP

Our stainless steel and teak table and stainless steel weaving chairs are separately packaged. The center pillar of the table is wrapped with non woven fabric, EPE film and Kraft paper then placed into five layer carton. We pack two sets of this outdoor wicker furniture in a box.

Foshan Wonderful is a China-based outdoor wicker furniture (teak table, stainless steel frame) manufacturer. We provide a wide range of products, including rectangular teak patio table, rattan bar set, outdoor rattan swing bed, and more.

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