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Stainless Steel Rattan Sofa

WF-2005 Single Sofa W75 X D61 X SH36 X H63 CM
WF-2006 Double Sofa W135 X D61 X SH36 X H63 CM
WF-2007 3-Seat Sofa W197 X D61 X SH36 X H63 CM
WF-2008 Coffee Table L110 X W62 X H43 CM

Our stainless steel rattan sofa set consists of picked cane and quality metal framework. The sofa's main body is woven with 100% black four line slice vines whose service life can be over three years. The rattan for tying these slice vines together we adopt is artificial compounded chemical fiber cane 100% woven by hand. The slice vine our stainless weaving sofa set uses have different colors to choose from and customer can find the options in our wicker option. Besides, the cushion of our stainless steel rattan sofa set also has different colors and stuff densities for customer's option.

For the structure of whole sofa, we take use of 22X22X1.2mm thick aluminum framework which is treated by powder spray. For the base of aluminum frame we utilize 25X25X1.2mm stainless steel square tube which is #304, international standard, compliant. The characteristic steel base is moist, acid and alkali, proofed by seal treatment. The tea table of our S/S weaving sofa set is attached with a 5mm thick toughening glass. Combining the stainless steel and modern rattan weaving craft and attached with a 10cm thick cushion, our stainless steel weaving sofa set looks elegant, pretty and fashionable.

This stainless weaving sofa set we manufacture is quite suitable to be used in private garden, luxury club, villa and hotel lobby as well as pool.

Reference for loading quantity and packaging

Single Sofa
Volume 0.212M3/PC
Weight 12.5KGS/PC
Loading quantity 273PCS/40'GP

Double sofa
Volume 0.367 M3/BOX
Weight 16KGS/PC
Loading quantity 158PCS/40' GP

3-Seat Sofa
Volume 0.727 M3/PC
Weight 19 KGS/PC
Loading quantity 79 PCS/40'GP

Coffee table
Volume 0.204 M3/PC
Weight 15 KGS/PC
Loading quantity 284 PCS/40'GP

Loading quantity of our stainless steel weaving sofa set, including two solo sofa, one double sofa, one triple sofa and a coffee table, is 67sets/40'GP

The woven part and cushion are placed together into a 5 layer carton. The stainless steel part is wrapped with non woven fabric and stored in another 5 layer carton, 2pc/box.
The glass desktop of coffee table is separately wrapped with 5mm EPE film and the aluminum part is wrapped with non woven fabric. We place them together with wicker part into 5 layer carton, 1pc/box.

Foshan Wonderful is a China-based stainless steel rattan sofa manufacturer and supplier. We provide a broad range of products, including aluminum frame wicker sofa, teak pub table set, outdoor sling bar chair and more.

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