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Stainless Steel Teak Sofa

WF-1251 Single sofa W72XD70XSH40XH65CM
WF-1252 Double sofa W134XD70XSH40XH65CM
WF-1253 Coffee table L110XW50XH38CM

Our stainless steel rattan sofa set is our honorary product which is made of selected raw stuff and treated by our outstanding production craft. We uses 100% imported Burmese teak to make the main part of our teak sofa set, table. The Burmese teak tree is honored as gold tree which grows in selva. It owns the traits of hardness, smooth texture, heat and coldness resistance, wear resistance, best bending resistance in all kinds of lumbers and excellent corrosion resistance which make Burmese teak out of white ants and other marine borers around different sea areas. That is why the Burmese teak is generally accepted as the best raw material of outdoor furniture. Getting through our exquisite processing, grinding and polishing, the table surface has gold like appearance and a thick resin layer which touches smooth. Customer can also ask us to add another lay of teak oil or not to enhance the table's ability of anti oxygen. In addition the teak table of our stainless steel teak sofa set is non radioactive.

The exposed metal part of our stainless steel and teak sofa, including the foot stool and fasteners, totally adopts #304 standard stainless steel. For the base of aluminum frame we utilize 32X32X1.2mm stainless steel square tube. This characteristic steel base is moist, acid and alkali, proofed by seal treatment. Because every teak part is conjunct with the stainless steel and a 10cm thick cushion is attached by us, our stainless steel teak sofa set looks elegant, pretty and modern.

This stainless steel teak sofa set we manufacture is quite suitable to be used in private garden and balcony

Reference for loading quantity and packaging

Solo sofa
Volume 0.122M3/PC
Weight 17KGS/PC
Loading quantity 475PCS/40'GP

Double sofa
Volume 0.227M3/BOX
Weight 24KGS/PC
Loading quantity 255PCS/40'HQ

Coffee table
Volume 0.142M3/BOX
Weight 15KGS/PC
Loading quantity 408PCS/40'HQ

Loading quantity of our stainless steel and teak sofa set, including two solo sofa, one double sofa and a coffee table, is 94sets/40'GP

The stainless steel part of our sofa is wrapped with non woven fabric and put into a five layer carton, 2pcs/box.
Teak part of sofa is stored in a five layer carton, 2PCS/BOX
Stainless steel part of coffee table is wrapped with non woven fabric and stored in a five layer carton, 2pcs/box.

We are a specialized stainless steel teak sofa manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as aluminum garden furniture, teak cafe set, aluminum frame wicker sofa, and teak patio furniture.

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