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Luxury Wicker Sofa

Aluminum Weaving Sofa Set
WF-820P Corner Sofa, 82 X 82 X H80 CM
WF-821P Single Sofa without arm), W64 X D82 X H80 CM
WF-822P Queen Lounge, W105.5 X D205 X H80 CM
WF-823P Rectangle Coffee Table, L124.5 X W62.5 X H29 CM
WF-824P Square Coffee Table, 62.5 X 62.5 X H29 CM

Our luxury wicker sofa set features its teak like plastic feet. This kind of sofa feet is a teak imitation polymeric material which is made from imported PP, PE and PS plastic. It has the traits of high durability and strangeness, non harm to human body, non sun crack and deformation, never mildewing and environment friendly. Due to the outstanding hardness of this teak imitation material, our luxury wicker sofa can own the feet which look just like real teak feet but has longer service life and more beautiful wood grains.

For the wicker part of our luxury sofa, we take use of 9X1.4mm slice vine which can serve for no less than three years and compounded chemical fabric cane which is 100% hand woven. The color of cane is optional in wicker option and customer can do the choice him or herself. In addition, we add a 10 cm thick cushion to sofa to make the whole seat furniture look brilliant. As the same with cane, there are still a number of cushion colors for option in fabric option.

We adopt 20X20X1.2mm and 40X40XT1.2mm aluminum frame to make our luxury wicker sofa set. The metal frame is processed with powder spray by us to enhance its hardness. Moreover we extra add a 5mm thick desktop glass to our coffee table.

Our luxury wicker sofa is quite suitable to be used in private garden, luxury club, hotel lobby and family party, etc.

Reference for loading quantity and packaging

Corner sofa
Volume 0.753M3/PC
Weight 10KGS/PC
Loading quantity 140PCS/40'GP

Single sofa without arm
Volume 0.504M3/BOX
Weight 7KGS/PC
Loading quantity 210PCS/40'HQ

Queen lounge
Volume 2.160M3/BOX
Weight 22KGS/PC
Loading quantity 48PCS/40'HQ

Rectangle coffee table
Volume 0.266M3/BOX
Weight 7KGS/PC
Loading quantity 218PCS/40'HQ

Square coffee table
Volume 0.135M3/BOX
Weight 5KGS/PC
Loading quantity 429PCS/40'HQ

Our luxury wicker sofa set involves three corner sofas, two single sofas without arm, a rectangle coffee table, a square coffee table and a queen lounge. Its loading quantity is 17SETS/40'GP

We pack the sofa and cushion together in a five layer carton, 2 pieces for a box.
We wrap the desktop glass with quality EPE film and pack it with other part of table in a five layer carton, one piece for a box.

As a professional luxury wicker sofa manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a wide range of products, including stackable rattan chair, aluminum frame cane dining set, outdoor sling bar chair and more.

Related Names
Outdoor Sofa and Coffee Table | Durable Garden Sofa Set | High Strength Coach

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