Sling Cafe Furniture (Stainless Steel Frame)

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Sling Cafe Furniture (Stainless Steel Frame)

Product number: WF-2107 (S/S and Granite Round Table), specification: dia100xH74cm, WF-2201 (S/S and Sling Chair), specification: W62xD48xSH44xH86cm

One set of our sling café furniture consists of one WF-2107 granite round table and four WF-2201 sling chairs. This furniture is most suitable for private gardens, high-end clubs, coffee shops, and restaurants. It can also be used for the afternoon tea drinking place in the company. Besides, the sling chairs can be placed under the table to save space if they are not used.

The sling chair framework of the sling café furniture is made of a dia25x1.2mm stainless frame, which prevents rust, humidity, acid and base. Coupled with the sling cloth, the whole sling chair is very elegant and comfortable.

Loading Quantity

Table Package Volume CBM/pc 0.116
Weight Kgs/pc 49
Loading Quantity Pcs/40'gp 500
Chair Package Volume CBM/box 0.387
Weight Kgs/pc 6
Loading Quantity Pcs/40'gp 596
Loading Quantity Per Set Set/40'gp 115

Note: CBM stands for cubic meter. One set is made up of one table and four chairs.

The granite round table is made of 18mm natural granite after special processing. Its surface is hermetically processed to withstand both high and low temperature, and radiation. Most importantly, it prevents any liquid from permeation such as coffee, wine, fruit juice, and cooking oil.

The granite round table framework is made of T304 stainless steel tubes that meet the international standard. The dimension of the sling chair foot tube is dia32xT1.2mm, while that of the center pillar is dia63xT1.2mm. The surface of the stainless framework is hermetically processed by special techniques to withstand humidity, acid, base, and rust.

Materials and Effects
Our granite table comes in many colors, and each color has the processing effect of either shining or washed. Many of our customers tend to choose pure black washed, graphie black shining, and gate grey washed. The prices are different owing to different colors and effects. Customers can choose freely the textures and colors of the Textile cloth for the chair in the Textline Option.

We divide the packaging of the whole set of the granite table in two pieces, including one stainless framework and one granite tabletop. The former is first wrapped in non-woven fabrics, and then packaged in a 5-layer-thick cardboard box. The latter is packed in a custom-made inner foam box for quake resistance and a 5-layer-thick cardboard outer box. The four sling chair arms and legs are packaged the same way as the framework. According to customers' requirements, the packaging method is either 4pcs per box or 25pcs per stack.

As a professional sling cafe furniture (stainless steel frame) manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a broad range of products that includes wicker patio furniture, garden teak folding furniture, rectangular granite table and more.

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