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Add.: Foshan, Guangdong, China
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Main Products
  • Outdoor Wicker SofaOur outdoor wicker sofa set features its fashionable outlook design, especially the hollow hole beneath its arm which can bring user an illusion that space going expanded. It adopts 15X15XT1.2mm aluminum frame and 30X15XT1.2mm aluminum base. We do powder spray upon the surface of the aluminum tube to increase the durability of whole fitment. For weaving wicker part, we adopts 100% ...
  • Rattan Bar Furniture (Granite Table, Rattan Chair)The WF-1257 granite table of the rattan bar furniture, which is made of 18mm natural granite after special processing, is very stiff. Its surface is also hermetically processed to withstand both high and low temperature, and radiation. Most importantly, it prevents liquid, such as coffee, wine, fruit juice, and cooking oil, from permeation. A cloth can easily wipe the surface clean without leaving any stains. ...