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We design and manufacture all kinds of outdoor furniture. E.g. wicker garden furniture, wicker patio furniture, aluminum wrought iron and stainless steel garden furniture, granite garden furniture, teak garden furniture and stainless steel rattan sofa set, etc.

We, Foshan Wonderful Furniture Co., Ltd., aims at medium and high end market to make the best furniture. Whatever, the garden furniture, hotel furniture or household furniture, we produce must pass our rigorous tests on its design, structure and processing craft to come onto the market. We utilize latest production equipment, 90% of which comes from Taiwan, and standard framework as well as skilled workers to make metal part of our furniture. The metal frame polished by us can be durable and welding spot invisible. All the joints of teak furniture are treated by special blended A B type glue and stainless steel fasteners so that each rabbet can be fixed into slot tightly. Our wicker fitment is promised to be woven by skilled and trained crafters.

In terms of the raw stuff we take advantage of, it has impressive quality which customer may easily find out. E.g. the granite we pick has outstanding hardness and natural traits. We can take use of special method to grind polish and water proof it to give the stone shiny matte or washed appearance. We only use the source material which can endure sunshine, chilliness, moist, etc and suits to be used at the outdoor occasions such as garden, balcony, pool, spring, open air canteen cafe and bar, park, etc. E.g. the stainless steel we use is #304 or higher international steel criterion compliant with the thickness normally between 1.0mm and 1.8mm. It is naturally antirust and we still process the steel part by metal brush treatment. For the rattan, we only trust the famous brands such as WINTECH, SOLANA and AGO. The branded rattan can be ensured non toxic, non radioactive, waterproof and heatproof. For teak, we uses 100% imported Burmese teak. The Burmese teak tree is honored as gold tree which grows in selva. It owns the traits of hardness, smooth texture, heat and coldness resistance, wear resistance, best bending resistance in all kinds of lumbers and excellent corrosion resistance which make Burmese teak out of white ants and other marine borers around different sea areas. That is why the Burmese teak is generally accepted as the best raw material of outdoor furniture. Thanks to the superior source stuff and our exquisite processing craft, our wicker patio furniture series table has rich resin, smooth handle and gold appearance.

Regarding our processing craft, we take use of advanced equipment and standard framework operation to make high precision products. We focus on team building and corporation with oversea design studios to develop new furniture. We features outstanding surface treatment technologies such as film coating on stainless steel surface, water washing on granite surface, antique brush treatment on teak surface, etc. In addition, our finished fitments can be assembled or disassembled easily but still owns stable structure.

In addition in order to handle the quality of material, we purchasing raw materials from the suppliers through public bidding in the Pearl River delta region and auxiliary materials from fixed faithful suppliers. Purchased materials must pass the random sample survey by warehouse keeper before entering warehouse. Our production equipment are overhauled weekly and each time before manufacture our technician will check the framework and mould to ensure secure production. Our new employed workers are all trained for one to three month and only passer can take the job. We irregularly invite professional training agency every week to teach management courses for our managers. We believe that operator is also the quality controller. For the metal part of our product, we strictly insist to wrap all the metal framework exposed in air with non woven fabric and plastic fasten and store the whole piece of furniture in a five layer carton to ensure the product out of scratch. For the granite ang glass fitments we must wrap the fragile part in EPE film and place it in five layer carton inside a covering wooden case to ensure security during the transportation.